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Born Out Of Determination

Founded in 2023 , Etchfit was born out of a desire to provide quality sports and activewear at a lower price point than the competition.  Our founder had decided that after a 10 year bulk he wanted to take going to the gym seriously again, but found very little on the market for a guy with a dad bod in his mid 30s. So, instead of giving up it was decided that we'd source and produce our own clothing that works for an older demographic as well as the younger generation.

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple, provide the best quality activewear for an affordable price, helping you look and feel confident in your next workout and lowering the barrier to entry for a healthier and happier body.

Our Values

  • Live & Breathe Our Community
  • Never Compromise On Quality
  • Focus On People & Planet
  • Be Affordable
man drinking from protein shaker during gym exercise in gymwear and activewear
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Helping Our People And Planet

When we formed as a company, one of the things that was key for us was to make sure we're doing right by our planet and our future generations. This means avoiding cutting corners when it comes to sustainable methods, even if it impacts our profit margins (and trust us, it does).
  • All of our garment bags are 100% recyclable as a minimum, most are produced from sugar cane.
  • All of our mailing bags are produced from sugar cane rather than using polythene.
  • All of our business cards, gift cards and flyers are made from 100% recycled paper
  • We're on a mission to transition all of our cotton products to 100% organic cotton
Being a small business based out of the UK, we know how easy it is to get lost in the noise, so we want to support others in the same position as us. That's why we use local people and businesses where possible. This could be graphic design, DTF services or simply sewing materials; we'll always look local before approaching the bigger suppliers. Of course, there's some things we have to go abroad for whilst we establish ourselves, but our long term plan is to resource and manufacture all of our products within the UK.

Sugar Cane Extract

Sugar cane extract is a fantastic natural alternative for use in creating packaging materials such as garment or mailing bags. It is a 100% recyclable material and is great for carbon neutrality, as the carbon emissions creating during the production and transport process is offset by the CO2 removed from the atmosphere by the Sugar Cane.
These bags actively contribute to reducing plastic waste and environmental impact, whilst still offering the same level of quality and durability as a traditional polythene alternative.
It's a small change we've made as part of our sustainability mission but we hope that over time other companies will do their bit to help reduce single use and wasteful plastic materials.

Until we started looking at packaging solutions in detail, we'd not come across this before - we thought it was really cool so decided we'd share a little more detail with you...hopefully you learnt something like we did!
sugar cane image talking about sustainabilty and eco-friendly packaging
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